Alexander McQueen’s late founder and designer, Lee McQueen, said of his obsession with the label’s now signature skulls; “I’ve always been fascinated with the Victorian view of death…It’s not about brushing it under the carpet. It’s about celebrating someone’s life”. After his death in 2010, longtime friend and collaborator, Sarah Burton, took over the creative helm, adding a feminine softness to the rebellious British brand. Featured heavily on weighty knuckle-dusting rings, bracelets and pendants, the macabre motif puts a stamp of authority and edge on every outfit. The smooth leather wrap cuff is a cult piece; roll your cuffs and layer it with similar style for maximum impact. If skulls are a little too dark for your aesthetic, there’s fluttering butterfly pieces embellished with crystals and studs and couture-like accessories like the silver harness offered straight from the runway.

Alexander McQueen Jewellery

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