Frequently Answered Questions

What's it all about?

We believe there's more to shopping than hopping from site to site and sifting through products you know you don't like. A great shopping experience comes from discovery, curation, and personalisation. We connect you to the products you love for a fuss-free shopping experience, and offer a wealth of inspiration from global trends and styles along the way.

How do I get started?

Don't worry — we've covered everything you need to know on our How It Works page. Click here to read it.

Why do I need to follow brands?

Following your favorite brands and categories means we can automatically show you the latest products from the labels you love as soon as they arrive — and we'll let you know when they go on sale. When you create your account, we'll ask you to follow some of your favorite brands to get you started — you can edit this at any time in your Followed Brands settings.

What's the difference between my WantLists feed and my brands feed?

Your WantLists Feed shows you the latest items added by the WantLists you're following — here you can love and comment on items that catch your eye, and discover what people with similar styles to you are shopping right now.

Your Brands Feed is your personalised stream of products from the brands you're following, all in one place. Only you can see and shop this, so it's uniquely tailored to you.

What should I be adding to my WantList?

Your WantList is your personal edit of items you love. You can either add a product directly from our site, or use our browser button to add fashion finds from any other website. It's entirely up to you what items you add — and we'll let you know as soon as they go on sale.

What are collections?

Collections are a way for you to organize items in your WantList to make it easier to shop from. It's a great way to group items together, like 'Things I want', 'Lust list', or 'Outfit ideas' so you can keep track of your fashion finds. When you add an item to your WantList, you can choose which collection you want to save it in — you can edit your collections at any time by using the Edit button.

What does a private collection or item mean?

private collection or item isn't visible to anyone else but you. So, if you spot something you don't want to share, or you don't want a friend to steal your style, you can keep it hidden. You can choose to make individual items or an entire collection private — just tick the 'private' box when you're adding or editing an item or collection.

Will I still get sale alerts on private items?

Yes, you'll still get sale alerts on private items and items in private collections — just make sure the 'Notify me when this goes on sale' box is ticked.

What are styles and why do I need them?

Styles describe your personal fashion preferences — they're displayed in your WantList profile so that other users can identify with you. When you create your account, we'll ask you to choose the three styles that best reflect your tastes so that we can recommend WantLists with similar styles to follow.

How can I discover more products and boutiques?

With thousands of users adding items daily, you'll never be short of shopping inspiration. In the WantLists section, you'll find a list of our favorite WantLists to follow, as well as the latest items added by all of our users, so you can see what people are shopping in real time.

What brands and retailers do you feature?

We work with almost every major UK retailer (and some US) to give you access to over 1 million stylish products and 1,500 brands spanning the very best from the high street and luxury labels — that's everyone from ASOS to Zac Posen.

Can I buy products directly from your site?

We work with our retail partners on an affiliate basis, which means if you see something you love on our site, you can click through to buy it directly from the retailer. Our job is to connect you to the products you love.

Who handles my shipping and returns?

When you make a purchase, you buy directly from the retailer, so they'll handle all your shipping and order queries for you.

Do you make money from purchases that come through your site?

Yes, as an affiliate partner, we make a small commission from some retailers on successful purchases made through our site. We hope that we're able to provide value to your shopping experience.

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