Add fashion finds from any site to your WantList

The +myWantList button lets you add any product to your Styloko WantList from anywhere across the web. Whether it’s a pair of to-die-for shoes, a super chic handbag, or a dress you’ve not seen elsewhere, add it to your WantList and you’ll never forget where you saw it.

1. Add it to your browser

Simply click, drag and drop the button above into your browser's bookmarks bar.

If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure your Favorites bar is visible first. Right-click on an empty space in the toolbar area and ensure the "Favorites bar" entry is checked.

2. Add any item from anywhere

Next time you see something you love on a website you're on, hit the +myWantList button in the bookmarks bar. Choose the correct image for the item and select the collection you want it to appear in.

3. Done!

Now the item is in your WantList, where others can love it, comment on it, and shop it! Better still, once you’ve added something to your WantList, we’ll send you an email the second it goes on sale. Genius, right?

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